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June 9th, 2013  |  Published in Social Issues

On a daily basis I read the newspapers online and often comment on a feature article or opinion piece that generates discussion and controversy. Here is an example of a piece I wrote in response to the following topic which featured in the Herald Sun.

Anti-vaxxer guru should be ashamed

Monbulk mum scaring others into not vaccinating their children is recklessly irresponsible. The outrageous claim that whooping cough is an opportunity to have some time off school stinks of ignorance. I wonder has Monbulk mum had any experience with whooping cough, also known as the 90 day cough – that’s more than a term off school.
A friend of mine, a teacher contracted whooping cough from a child who she had no direct contact with – it is assumed the child coughed in a corridor or classroom. My friend, an adult, who has been immunized against the disease nearly died.
Immunization programs are designed to curb epidemics and spare the population from permanent disability and death.

l mcclenaghan of doncaster (Reply)
Wed 15 May 13 (09:23am)

A kick in the guts

May 6th, 2013  |  Published in Social Issues

This letter was published in The Sunday Age dated 17th February 2013, featured as lead letter in response to the opinion piece titled, A kick in the guts.

Although I don’t share Bruce Guthrie’s passion for football, I share his disappointment over the state of him team. Football, an Australian cultural icon, has been debased. It seems that once again the big boys have turned their authority and responsibility to the club into their brand of celebrity and quest for personal power.

The only thing that will restore football to being a game that connects people is to shift the emphasis away from the big boys calling all the shots by forcing them to be responsible, accountable and not overpaid.

The problem with large organisations and institutions in most of the western world is that too much power is awarded to the already wealthy and powerful. It is time for the people to speak up and demand real accountability. For football this begins with Andrew Demitriou.