Literary Vampires

February 4th, 2015  |  Published in Dark Tales, Horror, Self Publishing, Writer and Research


I’ve been over-whelmed by the task of undoing the damage an Editor has inflicted on my work. I have self-published a novella and two novels. My next novel a supernatural horror, Who’s Watching Samantha is due for publication in the first quarter of 2015. As I go through this final draft I am finding approximately one error for every hundred words. Some of these are missed proofing errors; others errors the Editor has imposed on my manuscript.

The lesson here is writer beware. It’s a travesty that in the arts the creative person is the beginning of work that flows from them. Unfortunately, the money flows the other way so the artist is the last person to see anything if at all. As part of my research I read prolifically, and am currently reading a biography of The Doors, titled Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre. Even a group as famous and iconic as The Doors often stared poverty in the face.

In the past three years I’ve engaged a number of publishing services. Some have been exceptional, others average and sadly some appalling as with this Editor accredited by Editors Victoria. Regardless of their quality these people have to be paid and it’s the old story of everybody making money before the artist. I accept that these services are necessary, but I am galled by how many self-appointed experts there are in the publishing industry seeking to ride on the writer’s coat-tails. Just as anyone can buy a truck and some tools then call themselves a tradesman, I have discovered that the publishing services industry is replete with those who make claims about their expertise and craft with nothing more than hollow promises. I remain sceptical of any publishing services provider until they prove themselves otherwise.

A Writer’s Day

August 21st, 2014  |  Published in Dark Tales, Horror, Reviews, Writer and Research

A Writer’s Day

Being a serious fiction writer means that you to have engage in research. I regularly read, watch and study the works and craft of other artists.


Today I watched Begin Again. The tale of promising musician, Greta, playing muse to boyfriend and rising star, David who betrays her, and not the kind of film I usually watch. Being a Keira Knightly fan I expected this film would deliver and it did.

From the film’s opening it sustains interest and even though this is a feel-good film it isn’t predictable and doesn’t disappoint with clichés. One of its features is that it’s critical of corporate music publishing, but takes a fresh approach to how a promising singer becomes a star.

The film is critical of the corporate music world showing it to be out-of-touch with artists and only interested in the bottom line. One of its key ideas is how a group of musicians working collaboratively and not simply for money or fame is able to subvert the corporate model.

After the film I bought the following movies to watch as part of my writer research work: Cujo, Midnight Lace and Twist.