VCE Tip 1 – Exam Pressure

August 18th, 2016  |  Published in e-news, English teacher resource

As the English Exam looms large year 12 students are most likely feeling the pressure of SAC (School Assessed Coursework) overload. This is not the time to take a break. Unit 4 and the Exam revision phase, which begins early term 3, require a greater degree of student commitment, responsibility and independent study. Too often there is the expectation that hard working teachers and tutors will give out secretly guarded tips. The big tip is that at year 12 level you must take responsibility for your revision program. This also means grappling with problems understanding your texts rather than expecting easy answers from teachers and tutors.

The homework commitment for English is 1 hour per day minimum until the exam. Before attempting an essay, break up the topic for a text response and prompt for your Context. Be clear on your understanding and interpretation of the question in relation to the texts you are working with. From your interpretation construct your own argument.

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