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Dark fiction   Sobering realism

The eerie and Supernatural    Gothic Horror

Stories are set in ordinary places that have their own source of menace and despair

Rather than graveyards and haunted houses Lynette uses suburban landscapes where horror stalks, torments and haunts its victims. Evil smoulders, deludes and weaves a stench of confusion and doubt. Instead of gore, Lynette’s stories force characters to question their reality.

The characters are the middle classes trapped by a sense of dislocation. They are often difficult to warm to. They are not evil, but their moral conduct is often ambivalent. Redemption is forced on them when horror manifests in their lives. The horror is often hallucinatory enhancing psychological disturbance.

Stories have allegorical elements, are infused with dark humour and evoke psychological drama, which is underwritten by social comment, rather than relying in graphic violence. The horror enhances the harsh qualities that imbue our lives and society. The supernatural and eerie are not simply props used for theatrical effect. Like, Guy de Maupassant, one of Lynette’s favourite writers, she takes a sardonic view of humanity, and social rot is a key theme that permeates the works.


Drew’s Party

Can Drew escape the fate that awaits her?

Drew’s Party is a traditional supernatural Gothic tale about a self-obsessed socialite. At Drew’s opulent twenty-fifth birthday party she is confronted by an unpleasant surprise. In front of her guest she learns that she has unwittingly become subject to an ancient family curse.


On the Wind’s Breath

Freak storms or is the weather out to get you?

Martin a celebrity photographer, and his wife Vanessa, take a holiday in the Town of Black Mountain to reignite their relationship. Intent on suppressing his own secrets he throws himself into the mayhem erupting around him. They become swept up in death and destruction inflicted by violent storms. Vanessa believes the storms are supernatural in origin. Martin dismisses this as fantasy and becomes obsessed with photographing disaster unfolding around them, placing their lives at risk. He dismisses Vanessa’s panic and distress at the grisly horror that grips the fictitious picture postcard towns in the Blue Mountains.

As Martin and Vanessa become further estranged she turns to a sympathetic stranger.


In Jeopardy

Christine lives the darkest card of the Tarot deck

In Jeopardy depicts the world as a forbidding place where individuals’ lives are on a knife’s edge.

Christine, a trophy wife, has an idealised illusion of her marriage. When Richard replaces her with a younger woman her shock becomes the horror story that places her life and sanity at risk. Christine’s relationship disintegrates on an interstate getaway. Richard’s betrayal is slapped hard in her face in a public place.

Other characters pulled into Christine’s world reveal that their lives are also struck by disruption and loss. How do they navigate the chaos and randomness that threatens to engulf them?


Whose Watching Samantha?

How does clever and imaginative Samantha turn mean, wicked and dangerous?

Horror sweeps in unleashing an entity that stirs hidden currents causing the Morrison family to implode, placing each member in danger. Samantha’s life is threatened from an unlikely source that wields an uncanny power over her and her family.

Soon the influence of this seemingly benign object and the power it wields over the child escalates conflict and mayhem which threatens Samantha and her family. And this is just the beginning of the horror that descends on them. Can the spell be broken?