Spring 2016

September’s spring E-News features 2 newsletters in 1

Special edition showcases early year 12 English Exam Revision tips. VCE tips include how to approach Exam revision and another tip for looking after your eyes and sight. The focus with be on the Context as this is often reported by students as being the most confusing part of the VCE course. I include: an essay outline for one of the Contexts, and a note on how to research for the context.

June 20th Manningham Leader featured a news item about me as a local author and mentioned my upcoming publication. When the Leader’s journalist contacted me he asked whether I had any forthcoming projects. Another compilation of Supernatural horror novellas is in draft stage and not due for publication until late 2017. I had left the extended essay on the back burner for the past years and have since pulled it out from a dusty corner. Over the last month I’ve redrafted the extended review of Cosmo’s Factory and tribute to John Fogerty due for publication as an E-Book September.

Reviews include: film, The Conjuring 2 and the novel Mildred Pierce a Noir piece.
Recent reviews for Voice in the Mirror and On the Wind’s Breath.

To read a short extract from my latest fiction and one the three novellas go to: www.lynettemcclenaghanauthor.com

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A version of this workshop has been published in VATE’s online journal.
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