Voice in the Mirror – Supernatural Tales of Terror


Lightning Strikes

They say: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth

Vic Densmore too eagerly accepts the gift of the classic 1969 BSA Lightning. The bike has been hidden away for a long time and for good reason. When Vic brings the motorcycle back to life he attracts unwanted attention resurrecting more than just an iconic bike.

The Lester

Does Augustine have the strength to resist the seductive power the Lester confers?

This is one wicked guitar, a 1958 Gibson Les Paul. Like any vintage guitar, it has a history. Of violence. And blood.

Along with the guitar mojo it channels an ugly, hateful spirit. Weak-willed and susceptible to its influence, Augustine falls increasingly under its power. The Lester brings the intoxicating gift of musicianship, but this comes at a cost.

Voice in the Mirror

Sometimes a virtuous person makes an innocent mistake but there is no redemption

Damien is determined to escape his past. But what is it that has a hold over his life?