The Conjuring 2

August 18th, 2016  |  Published in Amazon reviews

This is a must watch for horror fans, but would also interest viewers who enjoy period dramas set in recent times. The Conjuring 2 is set in working class 1970’s England.Conjuring_2Even better than The Conjuring 1

The Conjuring 2 delivers on a number of levels. It’s terrifying – inflicting the audience with numerous horrific scenes. While the horror is ramped up it never resorts to being cheesy or gratuitous. The original unfolds more like the traditional tale of the supernatural haunted house, while the sequel is poignant in the way it zeros in closely into the family. The characters at the heart of the horror become much more than merely the victims who the Warrens seek to save from evil entities. The family and their neighbours prove themselves to be strong characters and are portrayed to be every bit as interesting as the Warrens.

The sometimes slow pace of the movie heightens the impending dread and emotional intensity of the family’s plight. The Conjuring 2 is more complex than the original with more twists and turns. Despite a larger cast of interested onlookers coupled with greater publicity of this haunting, ultimately the family are left more helpless when an unrelenting sceptic finally undermines their credibility. The sequel is a compassionate story that doesn’t simply play to scare. Even though the victims are terrified and helpless against a devious and powerful entity, they are brave and resilient.

The setting is very prosaic and urban reflecting 1970’s London, and it blends supernatural and family drama seamlessly. The main plot focuses on the haunted house, the subplot is more personal and zeros in on Lorraine’s vulnerability and courage brought on by her powerful psychic ability. Ultimately, the two narrative strands stories converge dramatically to bring the film to its climax.

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