Forthcoming – Collection of Novellas

December 7th, 2017  |  Published in Dark Tales, Horror, traditional gothic

Dark Elixir

3 smouldering supernatural stories in the vein of traditional Gothic

The Compound blends steampunk with horror when 6 young people are subjected to a terrible experiment that ensures an unfamiliar horrors.

When the Bilsleigh family in House Hunters flee the city for a better life everything seems perfect until they unearth a mysterious object, setting off a series of catastrophic events.

Changeling, a darkly wicked Christmas horror story, where nothing is as it seems.

Dark Elixir distinguishes as a more varied compilation of stories from Voice in the Mirror by blending more mixed genres.

Voice in the Mirror includes 3 tales of haunting and possession. Each protagonist is a male. Dark Elixir explores more varied territory. The Compound hosts a female protagonist: Charlotte one of the victims of a horrific scientific experiment. The Changeling is an ensemble cast of family members who are confronted with dreadful truths about themselves. House Hunters features a middle aged professional male and father who is already dealing with family crisis when his children open Pandora’s Box.

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