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VCE English and Literature Information Session

February 22nd, 2017  |  Published in e-news, English teacher resource, Secondary school education, VCE English teaching, Writer and Research

Upcoming event was publicised on Steve Martin’s breakfast show at the ABC Ballarat studio Tuesday 21st February.
This is a free event

Hosted by the  Ballarat Mechanics Institutes (BMI). Closer to the event The Courier (local newspaper) has offered to promote this event as a Media Flash and ABC Ballarat are interested to further publicise this event.
The first session will be held @ the BMI, Wednesday 22nd March 2017, from 7 – 8.30pm
The presentation includes:
• Finding the resources you need
• Tips on how to develop crucial research skills
• Learn the essentials from an Experienced English teacher who operated a successful tutoring service to VCE students for 12 years.
• Skills and advice learned at this session are applicable to other VCE subjects and tertiary studies.
• Find out how to best tackle each aspect of the course and address the key criteria of each area of study.
• Gain a head start for your exam preparation.
The idea for this event was prompted by my experience as an English teacher and private tutor.
Beyond the school setting education services and resources are readily available and for many years have been big business. However, many parents and students are often lost in terms of finding the best assistance and how to gain the most from the resources that they purchase. Many students and their parents are unaware that many of valued added VCE resources are free.