VCE Language Analysis sample essay

May 25th, 2015  |  Published in e-news

Pitched at VCE students and one of the essay types in the year 12 exam.
Sentence one: Definition of the issue in broad terms.
Recent controversy has arisen over a government report which suggests that women be allowed to fight in the front line.

Sentence two: Outline the opposing points of view.
Those who support the proposal argue that women are just as capable soldiers as men and those who oppose it argue that women are not suited to frontline combat.

Body paragraphs must look at the arguments, beginning with the writer’s main argument.

Paragraph one
The writer claims that it is male prejudice that is preventing women to fight in the frontline. By referring to events from 30 years ago the writer is suggesting that those who believe that women should not be in the frontline are old fashioned. This argument is an appeal to the desire to be up-to-date and modern. The writer also suggests that those who believe that is worse for women to be killed in combat are prejudiced or irrational. This technique suggests that those who oppose women being on the frontline have not thought about the issue but only make judgments based on prejudice.

Paragraph two
The writer explains that other countries allow women to fight in the frontline this shows the writer to be knowledgeable about the topic. This argument also suggest that Australia is old fashioned compared to these countries. In this paragraph the writer also uses evidence from recent army tests to support the argument drawing on expert opinion. This makes the writer seem knowledgeable and authoritative on the subject and thus likely to convince the reader.

Paragraph three
In paragraph three the writer rebuts the argument that women should not be exposed to the dangers of frontline combat. The writer’s use of the phrase “old soldiers” implies that this is an old fashioned view and the writer suggests that this is also based on an outdated view of soldier’s work.

Paragraph four
The writer states that the army requires more recruits suggesting that placing women in roles of direct combat is a practical measure to resolve the army’s recruiting problems. In addition, the writer suggests that women have been disadvantaged by the current policy and this technique is designed to show sympathy for women in this situation and to portray the writer as supporting women’s rights. The writer builds on this point by suggesting that “modern women” do not want to be protected by men because this is a form of prejudice and women want to be treated as equal.

Sum up the issue without making judgment.

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