VCE Tip – VIT Registration

November 24th, 2015  |  Published in English teacher resource

It equally applies that if you are looking for a tutor in any subject; ensure that they are VIT registered. This is important as a university student might be knowledgeable in their subject, personable and empathic towards students these qualities don’t necessarily translate to good teaching.

Word of mouth is probably the best means of finding a good tutor. You could contact the particular subject associations, such as VATE.

When engaging a tutor you could consider the following:

  • Is the service a registered business?
  • How long has the service been operating for?

Where does the tuition take place? Some service providers will attend your home. If this is the case be prepared to pay a higher rate for the service. Some tutors will operate at a public library or café. These environments are not conducive to intensive study sessions and are likely to be provided by non-teachers.

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