A Writer’s Day

August 21st, 2014  |  Published in Dark Tales, Horror, Reviews, Writer and Research

A Writer’s Day

Being a serious fiction writer means that you to have engage in research. I regularly read, watch and study the works and craft of other artists.


Today I watched Begin Again. The tale of promising musician, Greta, playing muse to boyfriend and rising star, David who betrays her, and not the kind of film I usually watch. Being a Keira Knightly fan I expected this film would deliver and it did.

From the film’s opening it sustains interest and even though this is a feel-good film it isn’t predictable and doesn’t disappoint with clichés. One of its features is that it’s critical of corporate music publishing, but takes a fresh approach to how a promising singer becomes a star.

The film is critical of the corporate music world showing it to be out-of-touch with artists and only interested in the bottom line. One of its key ideas is how a group of musicians working collaboratively and not simply for money or fame is able to subvert the corporate model.

After the film I bought the following movies to watch as part of my writer research work: Cujo, Midnight Lace and Twist.


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