Blade Runner – Review The Final Cut (Amazon Instant Video)

April 24th, 2015  |  Published in Dark Tales, film, Horror, Reviews, science fiction, Self Publishing, Social Issues, Writer and Research

I need ya, Deck…I need the old Bladerunner, I need your magic


The forbidding world of Science fiction Bladerunner has dark shades of Gothic and horror. On one level it is a modern iteration of Frankenstein, the replicants are like the monster that turns on the creator. Furthermore, the monsters in this film are more human than the humans. This dystopian world, portrayed by darkness and rain underpins social and moral decay engineered by those in power and the immoral science and technology that they create and use to remain in control. Added to this cerebral and sophisticated science-fiction, Ridley Scott, the director, uses film noir and ground-breaking imagery to reinforce the grim portrayal of human life and serves as a warning that human hubris could destroy us.

This version of the film is from the Ultimate Collector’s Edition, which I purchased from Amazon and don’t think is any longer available.

Each version of Bladerunner has its particular qualities and adherents and the debates have gone on for years. For me, this version is the best, embodying Ridley Scott’s final vision for his film.

Bladerunner is a landmark in cinema, not merely in science-fiction film. The depth and richness mean you can watch it over and over, relish the many articles and studies that have been produced and participate in online discussions. An entire culture has grown up around a film that suffered from studio butchery and cowardice and then from critical negligence, to become an acknowledged masterpiece. The film has entered modern consciousness and continues to garner fans and students.

Aesthetically, philosophically, viscerally, Bladerunner rewards repeated viewings. If you must have one copy, this is it; but do yourself a favour and purchase them all.


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